Since early adulthood Mr. Desage has devoted himself to humanitarian causes. His programs and donations have been contributing to the welfare of those in need for years. Although many successful people are inclined to give back to their communities, Mr. Desage’s charity has been and continues to be singular in its enormity.

Rebuilding Community

Mr. Desage has a deep and resolute respect for his country of origin. Because of this, his most ambitious humanitarian projects have benefitted the people of Lebanon. In the northern part of the country he worked tirelessly to rebuild outdated infrastructures. Under his guidance and financial backing, power lines were erected, telephone service was implemented, water wells were built, roads were paved, and public transportation was made safe and viable. All of these improvements were essential to the people of this region. Mr. Desage is also credited with having built two bridges, a shopping center, various hospitals and medical centers, and a school for orphans. One medical clinic alone serves roughly 100,000 people! He has also participated in the restoration of dozens of churches in disrepair. Mr. DeSage’s legacy of philanthropy in Lebanon still continues today with donations to orphanages and medical facilities, providing them with much needed equipment and supplies. The impact of all of these charitable works combined is incredible in scope. It goes without saying that Mr. Desage has played a huge part in improving the quality of life in his native land.

Future leaders heading to school.

But Mr. Desage’s generosity extends far beyond Lebanon. He has helped build hospitals in the United States and has donated medical equipment to them and other medical facilities. He has established hundreds of academic scholarships, providing higher education to gifted students in need. He regularly donates large sums of money to various charity events and gatherings to promote each organization’s good works. Mr. DeSage continuously contributes to the International Red Cross, espousing their cause to protect human life and end human suffering.

Mr. Desage fully embraces the essence of giving. His generosity is boundless and his acts of charity are astounding. He is a true humanitarian.