Ramon Antoine DeSage was born into a prestigious family in Lebanon as the son of Doctor Antoine DeSage. He was raised in the capital where his father had established a successful medical practice and prominent standing in the community. He spent his youth both in Lebanon and abroad in Europe where he developed a keen interest in foreign cultures. As a result of this exposure, Mr. DeSage chose to pursue his college education abroad. In 1968 he left his native Lebanon and settled in France where he attended The University of Paul Sabatier as well as The Sorbonne. His hard work and dedication at these institutions earned him both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science & Economics.

Mr. DeSage began his career working at UNESCO as a Cultural Attache`. His job connected him to the French Aristocracy and allowed him to hone his unique ability to build constructive and influential relationships. His work at UNESCO, promoting a harmonious blending of cultures, would greatly influence his career later in life.

It was Mr. DeSage’s entrepreneurial spirit that lead him from France to the United States. Here he could employ that spirit in conjunction with his expertise in international relations to create a vastly successful business. Initially he travelled to Detroit, Michigan where some of his relatives were living, but settled in Las Vegas after vacationing there in 1977. What started as a simple gambling trip would soon evolve into a service industry empire built from the ground up.

As he immersed himself in the network of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, Mr. DeSage quickly realized the lack of superior-quality service in these industries. He saw an opportunity where no one else had, and began providing hotels with luxurious gifts and amenities for guests. His idea immediately took hold and blossomed into what is now known as Cadeau Express, one of the nation’s largest providers of hotel/casino amenities, gifts, and luxury items. Mr. DeSage’s refined tastes, remarkable business savvy, and brilliant marketing skills are at the core of his company’s success. He now works with hotels and casinos across the entire country, as well as cruise ships and airlines to provide customers with exclusive, top-of-the-line products. It goes without saying he has truly revolutionized the service industry.