Ramon DeSage is recognized around the world for his outstanding acheivements and passionate response to charitable causes. He is a man of sharp intellect and diverse talents, yet possesses an abundantly altruistic nature. It is not surprising that he has received numerous titles and awards for his accomplishments in life.

In 1994 he was given the title “Knight of the Cross of Malta”. The Order of Malta is one of the oldest religious organizations dedicated to aiding the needy. There are only 11,000 Knights and Dames worldwide, chosen by the Official Order of Malta for continuously “expending their energies serving the poor and sick”.

Mr. DeSage was also awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 1996. This award, established ten years prior, pays tribute to US citizens from diverse ethnic backgrounds who have demonstrated outstanding personal and professional achievements while maintaining the sanctity of their cultural heritage. Mr. DeSage was honored in particular for his charitable contributions to various organizations across the nation. His name appears in the Congressional Record, as the medal is recognized by the United States House of Representatives and the Senate.

In 1999 Mr. DeSage was named Businessman of the Year. He was ceremoniously honored with this title in the United States Congress and published an article highlighting his success in the March 15, 1999 issue.

Mr. DeSage’s efforts and achievements have been acknowledged not only by government bodies and organizations, but also by some of the most influential world leaders of our time. He was awarded The Lebanese Cavalry Medal of Honor, which was presented to him personally by Lebanon’s former President Elias el Hrawi. In 1982, Brazil’s President Joao Figueiredo honored Mr. DeSage with a medal, recognizing his unsurpassed humanitarianism. In the United States Mr. DeSage has met and maintained relations with numerous politicians and presidents, including Bob Dole, Al Gore, George Bush Sr., and Ronald Reagan, (before his passing). He is truly an internationally renowned figure.

To be recognized by just one of these people or to receive just one of these awards is an achievement in and of itself, but to receive so many is a mark of true success. Mr. DeSage has much to be proud of in his life. These accolades celebrate his past gifts and highlight his promise & dedication to continue to make a profound impact on society.